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Link Up Systems


Do you have more than one heat source? Are you looking to integrate two or more appliances? If the answer is yes, then we can design a bespoke system, fully automated to utilise the cheapest fuel first. The amount of technologies that can be linked together is endless. At our fully operational demo suite we have 14 different heat generators fully working from wood burning stoves fitted with back boilers, air source heat pump, solar thermal, biomass, lpg, gas, oil to name a few. All are linked up to a central point and then distributed out to either the under floor heating, cast iron radiators, modern panel radiators and heated towel rails, not to mention providing hot water for the property. 


We are proud to work with Thermal Integrations and their unique link up tank 'The Excel Heat Bank'. A full duplex stainless steel storage vessel capable of multible technology link up. This a one product for all applications, reducing the need for adding extra equipment in the future. The tank is comes fitted standard with a coil for solar thermal, producing hot water heating in the Summer months. This enables the user to add solar in the future if required. 


Essentially a battery of heat, whenever a wood burner fitted with a back boiler is lit, it could produce as little as 3Kw to water. The heat automatically charges the Excel Heat Bank with useable heat. The heat can then be distributed out to the radiators or under floor heating for example when heat is required.  Obviously 3Kw of heat will struggle to keep up with the demand of most heating systems, however due to the control infrastructure in place, any automatic boilers fitted will automatically fire to keep up with demand.

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