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Where It All Began


Oct 1982. Dave and his wife Anne setup Dave Clarke & Son in a small back room in Hinckley. With a mini van as his work horse and tools in hand Dave set to work.



People ask where the famous green Van colour comes from. In actual fact it was not intentional. Dave saw a van advertised for sale in a publication but this was the days when everything was printed in black and white. The van looked like what Dave was after so he called the seller and made an appointment to view. With money in pocket and a friend to take him to view, they turned the corner and there it was, a mushy pea coloured van. Dave;s friend remarked "you are not having that, look at the colour!". Dave responded "I am, I want to get noticed and it definately stands out!" From then on the colour evolved to the one seen to this very day. 














Oct 1992. Dave Clarke & Son Celebrates 10 Years In Business.
















The earlier vehicles painted in the recognisible colour known to many as 'Dave Clarke Green'.













In the late 90's, Dave purchased 'Shirley' our morris minor van. Originally blue, she was sent off for painting. On her return to us our sign writer pain stakingly hand painted the sign writing in the traditional method. However several years later she was vandalised and put into storage before we decided to sell her.



January 2021 - Dave Clarke & Son Ltd closes it doors with the infamous green vans gone. Dale and his wife Vickie formulate a new company D Clarke & Son. The new company logo is the starting point. Wanting to keep the green alive as its recognisable to many.

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